Does anyone have the GA302T Gigabit Adapter by Netgear
up and running on M$ XP Pro ????

Just purchased one and received failure to install driver error:
system unable to find specified file. *Edit* Manually installed
drivers & received unable to run code 10. On reboot system
requested product software/insatalled it and all flags/errors
removed. Local area connection icon shows packets sent & received but have no throughput as IE6 reports it is unable to
display page when connected.

Having spent more than several hours going over Netgears
online troubleshooting guides(their version of 24/7 support),
they concluded the need to boot into dos mode(not an XP option)
and run CD's diag.............used 98se panic disk(for comedy relief) which was counter productive.

Netgear does suggest using crossover cable with some modems,
as it works fine with my Realtec RTL8139 i don't think so.
MSI KT3 Ultra mobo sports 5 32-bit 3.3v/5v PCI rails. Have tried
different slots to no avail. Adapter/modem lights fully active.
Terayon TJ715 cable modem with Adelphia Power Link as provider.

Customer brought over his Athlon Gamer for Virus fix & hardware upgrade. After repartition/format & fresh install of 98se, i gave the
Netgear GA302t a go under 98's OS. Same scenario, but rather than physical install i just had to bicker with MS as to location of file. Same unable to display page message. Upon reboot into MS
Dos mode i discovered the cd has no diagnostic setup/proggy.
Obviously time to RMA this puppy.

Anbody have any clues and or suggestions:confused: