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    Whats biggest diff between Omega's ,DNA's and Cats i thought Omega's gave better image quality then Cats and whats DNA's have. :P
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    When manufacturers create driver sets, they are making them for a vast array of system setups. This forces them to create a lot of features that may or may not be visible when you install the driver set. So this is how it breaks down...

    Catalyst - These are the standard drivers provided by ATi for use with their video boards. They will work on pretty much any Windows based OS and work on a huge number of video boards. This is what all other driver sets should be compared to since this is what you get from the factory.

    Omega - This is a modified driver set that is just as capable as the Catalyst, but have some of the hidden features brought out to the forefront so that end users can get a bit more flexibility out of their machines... albeit at a cost of possible system instability. Omega is a very good set of drivers and shows almost no stability problems. Some applications have shown better performance when using Omega drivers and others are basically the same as the reference set (Catalyst).

    DNA - This is a driver set, again based on the Catalyst drivers, and has been brought out by a newer group of driver hackers. It was meant to be competition for the Omega drivers, but from tests I have seen recently you are actually better off with the Catalyst drivers over these.

    Hope this clears things up a bit.
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    Stay away from DNA drivers, they come out shortly after the omega driver revisions every time as they are almost riping the code from omega. However they do it very poorly and system instability is very common with DNA drivers not to mention poor performance.:thumb:
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