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Thread: 9800xt & missing overdrive

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    Default 9800xt & missing overdrive

    ok i recently bought a 9800xt 0em
    having previously been an nvidia boy for yrs i dont know much about em!
    so ive got the newest cat 4.9 and i dont get a overdrive tab
    ive tried re-installing a few times but still no joy!
    did they leave it off oem versions or is there something i should be doing differently?!?

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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    Sounds like it is missing the core's temp probe as without it Overdrive can't work but then Overdive isn't that good to start with with it only manipulating core speeds to running temps and not memory speeds as well. For a better overclock experience get suitable software that will allow you to manipulate both core and memory speeds.

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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    ok thx well any advice on suitable software?

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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    There are several but I have had very good luck with Rage3D. It is very functional and also FREE! You can download it from
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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    The overdrive function is only available for XT based cards and since yours is XT then you may have the service 'ATI Hotkey Poller' set to disable? If so, set it to Automatic.


    EDIT: Try ATITool. I find it very handy.
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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    I vote ATITool I find it to be a great OCing tool for my GPU!!!! As for the overdrive prob, after you install atitool go to options enable temp mon and see if you get temp readings if you do not have this function (enable temp) I wld say you need a diff bios, This is IMO not saying it is the fix, just a thut!!!
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    Default Re: 9800xt & missing overdrive

    tried that last night and it does the temp monitoring ok and has the apropriate chip etc. so i just dunno where its gone.

    but cheers all for the help so far

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