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Thread: ATI catalyst drivers

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    Default ATI catalyst drivers

    Hi im new to the radeon family as all my previous cards have been nvidia which have a one driver works fo all system but i understand ATI are different i recently had a x800xt pe that came with catalyst 6.14 drivers i think. so how do i update these now and what one shuld i get can u please send me a direct link thanx im sure i will get used to updating the ATI in time lol thanx guys.

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    Default Re: ATI catalyst drivers

    To my knowledge, the x800 use the same catalyst as the other radeon cards. But I cant be quoted for that.

    Heres the link to the ATI drivers page. If you cant take it from there, I simply shake my head at you.
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    Default Re: ATI catalyst drivers

    Yes, the Radeon board you have will use the normal Catalyst driver set. Like nVidia, ATI puts out a unified driver so it can be used for all Radeon video cards. The link above will take you to the most recent version available from the manufacturer.

    If you feel daring, you can also look into some of the "aftermarket" drivers that are brought out on a pretty consistent basis. They are based on the regular Catalyst driver set but usually have several of the hidden features enabled and visible as well as small tweaks here and there. I've heard good things about the Omega drivers but the DNA usually get mixed results so I tend to recommend not using those.
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    Default Re: ATI catalyst drivers

    I'd recommend the latest Catalysts (4.12), but Omegas tend to work just as well and oftentimes slightly better. They're actually authorized by ATI and basically are just tweaked versions with a different (arguably better) control panel interface.

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