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Thread: Quick installing question

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    Default Quick installing question

    after you done installing windows xp what is the proper order 2 install everything in.

    ex: windows updates, direct x, mobo, gfx card, internet, ect.

    plz post correct order :)

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    Default Re: Quick installing question

    mobo first
    then gfx card
    then windows updates
    then direct X
    not shure what you mean by internet
    is you mean sp2, do that before installing your av but after your windows updates for sp1

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    Default Re: Quick installing question

    FYI; many modern motherboards require SP1 at the least to be installed before any other drivers or utilities. This way you'll have full use of USB 2.0
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    Default Re: Quick installing question

    Service Pack 1 or 2 should always come first, even if the chipset drivers don't insist.
    DirectX should usually come next as chipset drivers often ask for these, and most video card drivers do.
    Chipset drivers are next.
    Next, take care of miscellaneous, but important motherboard drivers. Hard drive controllers (which you'll need for a board with SATA and/or RAID functions), USB, and anything along those lines.
    Video card should come next.
    Any other drivers for the motherboard or any sort of attached cards (e.g. PCI sound card) should come next.
    Everything else can come next.

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    Default Re: Quick installing question

    so yawg your basically saying:

    windows updates
    direct x
    video card
    sound card

    and this is the proper way to install after a fresh reformat but my question is where does a wireless network card fit into this? Cause in order to install sp2 i need to have internet to do that so would i just install wireless card first, then everything in order after that??

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