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Thread: Catalyst 5.7 problem

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    Default Catalyst 5.7 problem

    Ok i tried to install the catalyst 5.7 drivers several times and i have a problem maybe one of you can solve. I'm going to be as complete as possible :)

    My system:

    AMD64bit / 3200
    ATI Saphire x800 pro
    Windows XP (SP2)
    (i guess nothing more really matters)

    I used these drivers :
    on that link : windows xp drivers and software -> RADEON -> Catalyst 5.7 windows xp driver download

    I did uninstall my old drivers first, using the remove tool


    The problem:
    After i install the new drivers, i have to reboot. Then everything is ok, i even get the 'Windows XP' image with the bar under it (like loading), but then my screen goes black and the login does not appear. Instead i get the following error:

    H: 33.8 KHz V: 75.3 Hz

    this seems to be a message from my flatscreen
    specifications on the flatscreen:

    Medion 17'' ACTIV SXGA LCD-Monitor
    reaction time: 10 ms
    contrast 500:1
    it can go up to a resolution of 1280*1024
    60 Hz


    How could i fix this so the new drivers would work for me too?
    If you should need more info, plz tell me and i'll give it

    Thanks alot for your help

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    Default Re: Catalyst 5.7 problem

    Try to boot into safemode (F8) and go into your display properties to modify refresh rates. ...might help
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    Default Re: Catalyst 5.7 problem

    I tried this but here's the situation

    with my old drivers still installed, i can chose from a refresh rate 43 - 180
    I know i have to put it on 60Hz for my screen and then it is.

    But when i install the new drivers, boot in safe mode and go there, i cant chose. The drop down menu only has : use standard refresh rate. ?

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    Default Re: Catalyst 5.7 problem

    Buy a real video card. A.K.A. NVidia. lol

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    Default Re: Catalyst 5.7 problem

    That's the second stupid post I've seen from you in the last sixty seconds... That's truly incredible.

    Anyway, try the Catalyst 5.6s and see if the problem isn't there. As the article on the front page of TT shows, the 5.7s do absoultely nothing.

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