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Thread: Original Abit Siluro T400 wreaks havoc with original video B

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    Hey guys (and gals *S*)!

    I have an Abit Siluro T400 video card with 64MB RAM and TV out. It came as a new retail card from I installed it and ran fine for a while, and Windows decided it needed a better "certified" driver, so I downloaded their driver. I began to have problems with the card corrupting things within the XP system. I eneded up with Page fault in non paged area errors, things not working, total lockup. Even tried to install Windows XP from the Cd to do a repair, and would hang at the point of "starting Windows" screen. Pulled it out and put back in my older Diamond Stealth III Xtreme card and .. well I managed to repair my windows.

    I thought it might be a driver problem, perhaps getting corrupted, so I put the Abit card back in. worked alright, but then .. errors in e-mail.. and things like notepad of all things would not work. tried to do a "repair" again.. froze at the starup up windows part. Put the old Diamond card BACK in again and went past the hang spot and repaired Windows ..... again.

    I noticed one thing funny right off the bat. When my system booted with the Diamond Stealth card, the reading of the memory was very fast, as it should be, as I have the "quick power on self test" enabled.. but with the Abit card,it read it slower than mollasses in January! So I'm a thinking.. there's something wrong with my card.. maybe need to send it back in. I look at Abit's website and they have a NEW FLAH BIOS for this card, just came out in March! I flasshed the bios.. and now the memory reads fast at boot up like it should, and if I install the CD (Win XP) and boot from it, I can get past the starting windows screen. Do you think that the BIOS is buggy on the original card? Odd that just a flash will make a difference on how the memory reads at the original start up./? I've got the Abit card in here now, but have the older Nvidia drivers, and not the ones that MS put in there for me (digitally signed.. more lkike digitally fingered! LOL) seems to work great now..

    Just passing that along in case anyone else has experienced strange phenomenons with this card. BTW I multi boot into Windows XP, ME and Mandrake Linux. The Windwos ME would boot when the XP would not. Guess it's not as sensitive to stane bios files problems.

    "Former Nebraskan... fix it with bailin' wire."

    MULTIBOOT -> Windows XP, ME and Mandrake 9.2 Linux

    Abit KV8-MAX3
    AMD 64 Clawhammer 3200+

    Kingston Hyper X 1GB DDR CAS 2 set agressively!
    Custom fan cooler for CPU
    USB 2.0 all onboard no card
    GeForce4 MX440 AGP 64MB DDR Video Card
    10/100 NIC 3Com onboard
    Leadtek TV 2000 XP video input card PCI
    160 GB ATA 133 Maxtor HD 8MB buffer
    350 W Enermax PS
    Toshiba DVD ROM drive
    Yamaha CD Burner
    Pioneer DVR-105 DVD Burner
    Logitec optical mouse on adapter
    DW 6000 Satellite 2-Way internet connection

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    A friend of mine had exactally the same problem with his system....the page fault in non paged area thingo and he couldn't even get all the way to windows without it locking up/BSODing....and when it did, things started getting corrupted, eg. soundcard drivers just started deleted themselves out of no where aswell....anyway we took all the hardware out, to check conections and everything, and reapplied the HSF and then put it all back in making sure everything was right...and well, it worked fine from then:confused:,makes absolutely no sense to me but hey, it worked for him:D ...he has a Hercules G3 ti500 BTW
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    That works for me sometimes, i take everything out then rebuild the comp, its boring as hell but normally my comp starts working again lol :p

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