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Thread: Scsi Controller

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    Default Scsi Controller

    Can any sane person help me.

    I live in London and have recently purchased an IBM Z Pro. When I placed my Win 2000 CD into the machine everything went well with the install proceedure until I received the massage "cannot find the hard drive".

    I checked everything that I was supoosed to. I set the jumpers to ID 0 and made sure all the leads were perfect.

    I e-mailed seagate support and they returned with a comment "You will need to load the driver for the SCSI controller at the beginning of the install".

    Can anyone poiint me in the right direction to find a controller driver? Is it for the motherboard. HDD or some card. The machine has no cards except for the graphic card.

    About the computer - - It is SCSI, it has a hard drive connected to the last terminal in the daisy chain, the daisy chain connects directly into the motherboard. The HDD is a seagate ST373405LW.

    Any assisatnce greatfully received - I am a MAC man myself and have little experience with tinkering with computers. Well, not if I can help it :)

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    Default Re: Scsi Controller

    You'll need to get some drivers for the SCSI controller and put them on a floppy. If the server didn't come with them, you can go to the controller's manufacturer's web site and download them. You can physically look at the controller (which should be somewhere on the motherboard, since you say it has no cards) or check in the BIOS.

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    yeah you probably need drivers for IBMs ServeRAID controller. they should be available from lenovo. Since we don't know which intellistation Z pro you have start here: and if worse comes to worse do a search for the exact model #..

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