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Thread: Sugestion About ATI drivers performance test

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    Default Sugestion About ATI drivers performance test

    Hi only a suggestion for the Ati driver performance test.

    I've a ati 9600xt and still there are many users with 9600 and 9800 cards, i think that you must include the one of the 9xxx series in your test.

    The new drivers include a performance and fix for Oblivion, i think that you must include this game in the test because a lot of people as upgrade his graphic card only for this game.

    Thanks for your tests i always visit your page the first and sorry for my bad english i hope that you understand me :) .

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    Default Re: Sugestion About ATI drivers performance test

    I don't know offhand about the availability of a 9xxx series board for testing (we try to stay somewhat current in our testing methodology and components), but a benchmark of TES:Oblivion is not really a feasible option at this time. We're hoping for something in the near future, but the game itself automatically creates different terrain features and there is no way to get an identical demo run that will be the same every time that it is run, so a benchmark cannot be conclusive.
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    Default Re: Sugestion About ATI drivers performance test

    Oblivion would be quite a stretch for TT to review. The X1900XT review had:
    Two synthetic benchmarks
    Two benchmarks of games lacking any multiplayer value (D3, FarCry)
    Two benchmarks of games with obsolete engines (UT2004, Q3 Arena)
    Bencharks of games on the same engines (D3, Q4)

    The ATI drivers review used fairly modern games, but it lacked Battlefield 2 and World of Warcraft, games people are actually playing en masse. I'd like to see some of those before we even start talking about a game like Oblivion, which is admitedly more difficult to benchmark.

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