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Thread: GeForce4 MX4000 AGP card driver needed

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    Unhappy GeForce4 MX4000 AGP card driver needed



    Am relatively new to the lingo; so not sure on driver searches. It seems the anti-virus destroyed the video/graphics(?) board driver - along with the virus. The screen is practically unreadable now. I checked. The nvidea driver is definitely damaged and can't run.

    Checked the nvidea site and several others. Nobody seems to have a driver for this particaular card. Nor do I know the specs, driver version, manufacturer nor the capabilities of this card. Maybe its for gaming (of which I know nothing); maybe it's just for ordinary graphics display (whatever that might mean). You get the picture...

    They have all sorts of similar drivers and what looks like universal type drivers that might cover a whole range of cards - but I can't tell from the seemingly irrelevant language used.

    Nvidea claims they don't manufacture any boards and just lease the technology; but the board is poorly and ambiguously ID'd, so that it's hard to say who actually makes it. I did check all the possibles for drivers - but nothing.

    There's also nothing whatsoever that would reliably indicate to me that any of those drivers I did find could be safely installed for the following board (this is all the info I could get off it):

    There's nothing much in terms of ID on the board itself but there are 3 stickers tacked on the underside that state:

    1) "ST Lab" (no other info on this sticker)

    2) "Advice" (8x) GF4 mx4000
    64MB (TV) 'ST Lab'
    48-0008-7769 # 1801-730D

    3) Sticker #3: 0502008271

    It would seem to me that, logically, the correct driver link would include "(8x) GF4 mx4000 64MB (TV)" in its name. Otherwise, how could one be sure?


    Can anyone please 'translate' the info on these stickers for me ? and hopefully suggest a meaningful driver download site. I've been 2 days non-stop hunting on this miserably slow line. Not much fun in that.


    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Jed... ([email protected])

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    Default Re: GeForce4 MX4000 AGP card driver needed

    You do not need a driver specific to your card. In fact there was probably never a driver built specific to your card. Assuming you are using a version of Windows just go to ---> click on "download drivers" tab --->choose "download drivers" ---> under "start here" choose "graphics driver" ---> choose "geforce and tnt2" ---> choose your operating system ---> click "go" ---> choose your download location.
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