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Thread: Geforce 3 Ti200 Detonator XP 23.11 / 28.32

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    Well as most you you who use a Geforce 2/3 know that the 23.11 drivers are the fastest of them all. Scoreing 6700 3dmarks , and with 28.32 only 5200. But one problem as arised, When i run the wolfman Demo (ment for geforce 4) i no longer see his body, i only see 2 eyes and a throat. With the 28.32 drivers i could see it @ about 20-30 FPS and i had the same quality as a geforce 4. What wrong. or is there a different driver out there that is just as fast a the 23.11 but has the "features" that 28.32 has to allow me to run wolfman demo properly
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    I've had the same problem with my Prolink GeForce3 Ti200... when I run the GeForce4 demos using later drivers (such as the 28.32 ones), I get great quality. But when using earlier ones all the quality disappears :(

    It may be because the 23.11 drivers don't have GeForce4 support? :?:
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    It's not a GF4 thing, it's a DX8 thing.
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    I have the 28.32 installed but the 23.11 don.t have the GF3ti200 listed....
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