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Thread: asus v8200 gf 3 ti500 vid card

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    any one know what best dets are for these cards
    im using win xp
    and have dets 22 80s at mo

    everything seems stable
    but im getting a bit of tearing in q3

    also whats better tweaker

    at mo im using power strip [which is good for adjusting refresh rates]

    but i cant find any tips on how to use it

    id like to use nvmax

    can u adjust refresh rate using nv max

    if i go with nvmax
    do i just uninstall powerstrip

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    Have you got the card overclocked? As tearing is usually something that happens when a card is overclocked to far. I'm using the 28.90 Dets and other dets can be got from here :smokin:

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    Screen tearing is often the result of not having vsync enabled. Enable vsync and set your refresh rate to 70 hertz and you'll have a game that runs as smooth as a movie.:cheers:
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    A true enough statement, but you'll also be throttling the potential performance of the video card. Why spend this much money on a good video board only to limit it's usefuleness?
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