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Thread: driver confusion....

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    i possess a Leadtek A250 LE TD, commonly called, by me at least, Geforce Ti 4200.
    Being disappointed by the beta Nvidia driver 40 that doesn't let me see movies on my TV i had to roll back to the version 30.
    Having still the same problems i decided to disinstall everything had to do with video/display and start again.
    The Leadtek driver installs fine and is equipped with the detonator 29.42. We all know that the 30 is the latest so i found necessary to upgrade it.
    Question: Is the leadtek driver the same as the detonator 29 or is something which includes the detonator which i can update without fearing of installing two equal drivers. In fact in my "add/remove programs" i see two drivers now, one from Leadtek A250 display driver and the Nvidia display driver 30. Is it correct or may I skip the Leadtek driver and install only the detonator of Nvidia?

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    When changing drivers it pays to change the video card back to a standard PCI VGA display card first and delete all the old drivers before installing another version thus this is probably your prob now.
    Just go into your device manager and change the display card to a standard PCI VGA one then (without restarting) go to the add/remove programs and remove all references to drivers there for the card. Then (I hope that you havn't let the PC restart yet) if you have downloaded Detonator Destroyer use it to remove anything else that maybe left behind then restart your PC and load the new drivers. This should be done everytime you change your video drivers. ;)

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    When you installed the new drivers, did you check in display properties to see if TV-out was available AND turned on?
    Also, card builders do not have to adhere exactly to the Det drivers and are free to add features to the card that they can implement in the drivers in their own way. You can use the Det drivers with your card for at least the basic video functions, but I can't say how Leadtek works the video out.

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