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Thread: Overclocking Geforce2 Ultra64mb

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    I need help with this tweaking business.
    I would like to speed up my graphics card but in the process are coming upagainst a few problems.

    First is when trying to install and run NVmax it only let me run it with the 29.42 driver, it said no to 30.82 and it didn't bother even trying with 40.41 as this kept crashing 3Dmark 2001SE.

    Second is that I cant get NVmax up and running, I've tried running it from the start/run thingy and it says it can't find it.
    After searching all I can find to do with NVmax is 2 files in the Windows\Prefetch directory, these are NVMAX4.EXE-2BD606E0 and NVMAX4.EXE-223DA827, both are PF files. The properties say they open with internet explorer.

    I can't even get started, I've read the Video card clocking guide on this site and it all seems straightforward.

    Please help if you can.



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    Those tweaking programs will only work with the stated drivers, newer drivers arn't supported till the program is updated. For drivers that are non-WHQL and not supported by those programs you must use the "Coolbits" registry hack.
    Open up regedit (Start, run, regedit), and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak. Create a DWORD value called "CoolBits" and set its value to 3. Or you can download this file and run it. Double click the file and choose "Yes".
    As for NVMax you'll probably just have to uninstall it till it supports the drivers that you want to use but if you want to use it and you old drivers then just install them again. :smokin:

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    Geforce2 Ultra's are not great overclockers anyway - the chips are already clocked up pretty close to the upper limit of the design.

    Doesn't seem like that long ago a GF2 Ultra was the card everyone drooled over - now mine is in the box my 3yr. old & 4yr. old girls use to play Reader Rabbit on :rolleyes:

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