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Thread: Problems with my Asus v8200

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    I have an Asus v8200 ti 200
    and recently after getting rid of a worm in my system, there seems to be a problem with my display only in certain games.
    The display comes up as two overlapping images of each other but they are offset by about 3-4 inches apart.

    Even after resetting defaults, getting driver updates and all, it will
    not stop
    It seems to happen under Half-Life, Ghost-Recon, Morrowind &

    Please HELP!:confused: I'm at a stand still.

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    Have you considered saving off vital data and reformatting the system?
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    Which OS are you using? If its XP I would suggest sticking the XP CD in the drive and running sfc /now this should check all your system files to make sure they are all alright and replace any that arent. Win98 and ME have a similar tool that you can access via MS System Info. I think 2000 has something similar as well. It sounds like either the virus or the virus checker has corrupted a file somewhere, as you have already tried just about everything else. You might be better off archiving all your important files anyway and reinstalling.

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    I tried reinstalling windows 98 sped up the computer some
    but the image problem remains....

    :mad: I'm still a little hesitant about redoing the whole system over....but it seems to be the only option, so far.

    I have to be computer skills are not all that good, but I'm a fast learner. I am getting better at diagnosing problems in the past, But this one has me a little stumped.

    Thanks for the guidence....any more ideas.....write me...:cheers:

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