Any one know why this is not an option in the dxdiag/display any longer, Test Direct Draw and Test 3d Acceleration are there but not AGP Texture Accel. I am running a Leadtek A280 Ti4200 128MB card. I have installed the latest 41.09 drivers, the latest AGP Drivers from Soyo and Ali, reinstalled DirectX 8.1, even went as far as a total reformat and still nothing is there. My 3Dmark scores are way low for this machine in my opinion. I get 6800 in 3DMark 2001

AMD 1800 XP
512 meg PC2100 Ram
Leadtek Ti4200 128MB
Soyo K7ADA V1.0 mobo
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
Creative 5.1 5300 series

Please if there is anyone else running Ti cards out there let me know if this option is enabled for you, I have another guy that also no longer has it and he is running a GF3 Ti200 128MB card. There is a problem somewhere and I have seen many posts about guys losing option in the DX deal so hopefully someone has a cure.
According to Leadtek the option should be enabled. So put your heads to gether help me out and maybe I will buy ya a

Thx in advance guys, also please dont refer me to RivaTuner. I have tried that program 3 times and it totally crashes the system everytime. Thx