I've been watching DVD's on my TV screen for some time from the S-video TV-out socket on my GF4 Ti4200 64mb for some time now and had no problems.

However, I've just upgraded my card to a Ti4200 128mb Golden Sample.This card has a VIVO socket (video in ,video out) instead of TV out. The documantation says that you can use TV-out with VIVO and the card came with the appropriate leads to do that (a VIVO lead that feeds into and S-video connector).

Anyway,my probelm is that I have connected everything up as it should be and I do get a picture on my TV screen,but I can only get a black and white picture,not colour.

I have tried using the Nview software on the WHQL 40.04 drivers and also tried TV-Tool, all to no effect. I still only get a black and white picture on my TV screen,although the monitors picture is colour.

What am I doing wrong here?
Any help , much appreciated