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Thread: Catalyst and Morrowind

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    If I install the latest Catalyst drivers everything runs fine and dandy and whatnot but whenever I play Morrowind wierd sh** happens like i start walking thru walls and i cant sleep in a bed then the game crashes and sais its because of faulty drivers. Does any one else have similar problems? Every other game I play runs fine (postal 2, warcarft 3, Unreal 2k3, sh** like that)and i have no other problems besides that.
    I have a r9700pro, on a soyo dragon kt400, with xp1600+, with 512 elixer. wtf
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    If you're using the recently released Catalyst 3.2 drivers, then try uninstalling them and load up the 3.1 version. It can sometimes make a difference in gameplay.
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