Wondering if this is just a me getting old and grumpy thing or what

But in the last few years there have been way less games I really like or play on a regular basis...

10 years ago I was playing like 3 or 4 games consistently, 5 years ago it was just one and now there's not a single game I play on regularly.

I usually buy a crap load of games every year now whereas in the past I never needed to because I was mainly happy with what I had.

I own over 200 games on steam alone and I've got about 30 of them installed, some of which I've actually never played for more than a few hours.

I think that can be explained by the fact that game marketing is so much better now, and I get really excited for X, Y or Z coming out and buy it then feel disappointed that it's just lacking something special that makes me want to keep playing.

I'm not even sure I'd say games are getting worse, maybe that most of them just aren't getting better e.g. Fallout 4 which had loads of "improvements" but felt like a massive let down to those who loved Fallout 3 and even some of the New Vegas players. I'm also not into esports so most of those games don't really appeal to me otherwise I guess I'd be into esports...

Genre doesn't matter either the only genre I actively dislike is turn-based RPGs.

Anyone else experience this? If so how did you get out of your gaming rut?