Keep that mobo, it's a pretty decent motherboard, despite what the weird people say . If you upgrade to 2x 256 sticks of PC2100 DDR, you should be set. You can grab an Athlon XP 2400+ for relativly cheap, and the vidcard should prolly be a Geforce 3 or Geforce 4 ti series. Do NOT go with the mx line of Geforce 4 cards as they are crap. There are no really crappy Geforce 3 cards out there. I would recommend a Chaintech Geforce 4 ti4200. Well either way your hardware is dated, but I would keep that mobo! Your biggest problem does lie in your video card right now, as that thing is a big POS. I had one, and now I have a decent Geforce 3 ti200 128 DDR card, and it perfroms SOOO much better than the Geforce 2 mx series. Any card by the name of MX's from Nvidia is basically not worth it. If I were you I would upgrade (In order)

1. Vidcard
2. Memory
3. Processor

Like I said though that motherboard is a good board if you don't o/c. I added some custom cooling mods to mine, for added stababiliy. A lot of people here seem to despise the ECS K7S5A, but let me tell you it is rock solid stable, and relativly fast. EXTRMELY linux friendly too :thumb: . O well... You know what they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!