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Thread: Cs high pinging.... need help

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    Basically my ping sucks......... its about 400-500 all the time and when i get in a shoot out my choke sky rockets and my FPS drops to about 15.

    I use an Internal modem that i got with my Tiny PC.

    My isp is aol.

    My rate is currently 4000

    cl_cmdrate is 15

    cl_updaterate is 20

    PC is a P3 550 with 128Mb

    Any help would be great. cheers ZERO-G

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    well, ur problem lies in the fact that you have 56k with aol as your isp :thumbs do Basically there is no real way to improve ur pings without upgrading to broadband :( On the bright side when I had dial up w/ aol pings of 750-800 were fairly normal for me :o

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    I would be happy if i could be my ping below 200.

    Forgot to add that in.

    Also i live in scotland and i was wondering which ISP would work best.

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    Any ISP that offers high-speed internet. Most likely you will be extremely happy with an ISP that offers cable/DSL access. AOL is by far the worst ISP EVER! It comes to no suprise to me that your pings are that high. Personally I don't see the point of a computer without internet, besides M$ office stuff... good luck on your search!
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    A long long time ago in a galaxy far away I also had the same problem with counter-strike, this was when it was like beta 7.1. I had to up grade my system to a Duron 800mhz w/ a substancial video card at the time, a radeon 32mb DDR. With aol i could get my ping down to 200-300's, thats about the best i could get, since then my computer has been upgraded and ive moved on to q3 arena and broadband internet. the only advice i can give u i guess would be to upgrade ur computer and/or tweak your internet connection, although i had limited success w/ that. Basically your ping wont go under 200 no matter how great ur connection.

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    yeah i agree.

    you just have to make do with what you have at the moment.

    broadband isnt that expensive these days, you can pick up a 512/128 connection with around 8gb dl/month for around $80...give or take abit.

    just dont let your parents get one ISP on the brain and consider no other alternatives...

    thats how i came about to be stuck with telstra :(
    but hey its better than 56k for sure :p
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    I have just moved over to Adsl myself and know how it feels when your pings are high, But when i was on 56k i was with Freeserve and my pings would start at about 180 on a 5 v 5 server and depending on what map. But now on BB im getting about 25 50ish pings which I can live with. Go BB feel the speed.
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