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Thread: Half Life 2

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    Well I'm finally dl it from here.

    Speed is better, around 50-55K, but it still gonna take me an hour.. :cry:

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    and now they have release yet another video clip, this one's called 'Tunnel"

    havn't seen this one yet's downloading as I type this...
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    You said it would work on a TNT... so a TNT 2 will work?? WOOHOO!!!

    And for the guys that say that we cant play **** with TnT2 hear this:
    I have player all unreal tournament 2003 with my ASUS tnt 2 32 meg and AMD 750 (1234 3D mark), low detail but playable!!

    I have done all Unreal 2 With the same card without any problems (1800 3D Mark)!

    For HL2 i now i will be able to play it, not much detail but JUST PLAY! I Know that the engine, like HL1, will be a revolution!!

    BTW I will EVENTUALLY get a new video card... like FX 5200 or FX5600 depens on how much money i got!

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