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Thread: Good PS2 Games?

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    I have a PS2 and only a couple games for it. I generally play more computer games then console games. Now i have recently gotten back into colsole gamming and was wondering what some good PS2 were that are out right now. I prefer FPS games like Halo, although i dont know if there is an equvalent out for the PS2, and i like fighting games like Mortal Kombat, or Virtuafighter 4. I really like DOA3 on Xbox but i dont know if they make that for the ps2. anyway any suggestions as to good games like those would be great. and for all you xbox fans, i have been swayed and will agree the xbox is better.

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    There's a couple good fighting games on PS2, two of which are Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4. There's also Marvel vs Capcom 2, which is good for all the old school fans out there. Coming up soon is Soul Calibur 2, which is the big one I'm waiting for. It's being released across all three consoles, with each console gettin its unique character.

    As for FPS, there's not really a lot I can recommend on PS2. In my opinion, Halo is the only worthy FPS game on console. None of the others 'feel' right to me. They belong on PC, not console. :)

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