Patch 1.30 is available now on downloads page.

This v1.30 patch brings the following improvements:
Servers and clients crashing - FIXED.
The corrupted textures that sometimes appeared on the weapons and equipment - FIXED
The occasional missing voice commands - FIXED.
Swapplayer command - Fixed.
Improved network code to help achieve less lag in the game.
New anti speedhack protection.
Sound of reloading moves with players.
Medic heals only 75% of the damage.
Shooting accuracy is decreased when jumping and aiming is also disabled.
Player can now peep over rocks with binoculars by pressing the aim button.
When calling air support player can type message without the radio call being broken.
Spectator delay maximum increased at 180sec
Radiocall - sending a chat message does't break it.
Mlchangemap , mlchangecurmap a mlchangeendrule - didn't work correctly with points/frags - FIXED.