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Thread: Valve stumbles in a big way. (HL2)

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    I know I will.. lol

    Anyway I didn't see anything about a fix for this. Just that "it's possible" with Ati.
    We may have to wait a long time for this.. :thumbs do

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    So then is the problem with DX9? Well at least I own ATI.....
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    "Currently both leading graphics chips designers use multi-sampling or hybrid multi-sampling + super-sampling methods to for FSAA."

    Both Nvidia and Ati is having issues with this. That "workaround" they said "was possible" for the Ati side may take some time.

    And the game won't sell many copys if it don't run great on both chips with FSAA enabled.
    So they better solve this before launchdate or people will be pissed..

    Minibubba this problem occure when they pack smaller textures into bigger ones like in HF2, that does not mean other DX9 games will be having the same issue..

    Nvidia has the grip on the vid card market and it's there the money is, any game that don't run well on their products is destined to fail, and won't even be released.. Why?
    Because it would be financial suicide..


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    for anyone that hasn't seen it yet, this is on the front page of TT:

    It has been dominating the news the past couple days, apparently Value are having trouble getting FSAA (a method of improving image quality) working on nVidia DX9 based graphics cards. Unfortunately it appears to be a problem which cannot be fixed through driver updates, but something which is affected by hardware and will not be fixed until DX9.1 compliant cards emerge on the market.

    nVidia graphics card users may have to resort to not using FSAA if the problem is not fixed by the time the game hits retail stores - I struggle to notice the difference generated by FSAA anyway when concentrating on getting my next frag and this slight flaw wouldn’t stop me going out and buying Half Life 2 in September. Or maybe it's just me...?
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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