Well I looked up thief 3 on google and there is a site for it and it does give you information on the game, however, very little info! From what I can read, it says that "Thief" as they call it, will be centered around the time BEFORE the dark project and metal age! (Those are future events in this game and garrett gets a chance to set things right so that those events never happen, which would be cool, because he lost an eye in one of the games) Also the lighting is KILLER a whole new engine based upon the Dues Ex 2 game and he is able to break into ANY place he chooses or even mug people on the streets and go and spend his money! Another cool thing will be the ability to climb just about ANY surface, like the walls outside a castle for example, no more going and looking for underground passages! They also say this thief will be even more open ended than the last two allowing you to move freely and accomplish goals the way you want to do it, not some pre scripted way. It will be based on the thief story from the other two that looking glass studios was supposed to bring out before they shut down. This thing sure does look good, if it is anything like the last two, it ought to be a hit! Some of the original programmers of the the other two thief games that worked at looking glass studios are on this project, so hopefully it will be done right! I read somewhere that it might be out this christmas! I sure do hope so, as I can't WAIT to get this game!