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Thread: LAN Party

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    I want to have a LAN party in the near future and I have talked to some of my friends and asked if they could bring over their computers and most of them said yes.

    My question is: What do I exactly need to connect a bunch of computers (aside from the obvious), and where can I find instructions that tell u how to create a network using many differnet OS.

    Also, if you have any good LAN game ideas, I'd like to hear them...


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    It's all relatively simple.

    To network all the computers together, all you need (aside from computers), is a switch or a hub and some network cables to connect them all. A switch is preferable, as you'll get better performance from the network.

    Plug everyone into the switch, get them all to set their network card to similar IP addresses (a common IP range to use is -, with a subnet mask of and you should be set. It doesn't matter what OS people are using, as long as it can handle TCP / IP.

    As for games, there's so many out there it's not funny. Depending what style of game you like, and the capability of your computers, you've got a wide range to choose from.

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    if it's possible, reserve one more more coputers to be dedicated servers
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