For all of you who've played OSI or other shards I found a kick ass player run shard a few months ago called Lost Souls.

It has full AoS/LBR support but is based around alot of old school UO:R rules (1999) which makes it even better without all of OSI crappy new additions that no one wanted to begin with.
Its professionaly run by a large staff on a dual P4 system, 2GB RAM, SCSI setup, on a dedicated line. I get less lag here than on OSI by far, perfectly smooth.
Staff run events all the time, growing player base, new items, monsters, weapons, etc. but only small additions to what OSI laid down.
I've been playing here since it opened about 5 months ago :D Everyone should give it a try, its free ;)

Link or visit them on Gamesnet West in #lostsouls