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Thread: Tron 2.0

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    I agree that ATI drivers had have problems. I have spent a whole month, though not dedicatidly, trying to fix the freaking driver and ended up reinstalling the OS. Although the OS was at fault, the card never works the same anymore, regardless.

    THat said, I hear that nVidia has its share pf problems too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximus7001
    I do not see any reference to which ati card you got. Which card is it?

    Its an ATI Radeon 9800.
    The only problem was a Cmos setting (DBI Output for AGP Trans ). I can't have that setting enabled with the new drivers. The system is stable since I disabled that setting and reinstalled the newest drivers. Infact I had that problem before in the past with earlier drivers for this card but I reenabled the setting last month becuase those drivers were stable with that setting on and then I just forgot about it still being on. I don't really think the setting has anything to do with the graphics speed anyway it has something to do with power regulation and signal noise consumtion to the graphics cards AGP port I believe.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong becuase this is the only system I have with that setting so I'm rusty about it and the MB's owners manual doesn't say a thing about it.

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