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Thread: C&C Renegade

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    Well, i've been playing the full version for the last few hours, and I must say that I like it. It's not your typical FPS, and with all the old C&C stuff they've incorporated into it, it makes it a new experience.. Gimme a few weeks and the novelty will have worn off though. I still recommend you have a look at the game, whether or not you liked the RTS versions of it..

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    -sigh- once again Beefy gets another game as soon as it is released and i wont get to play it for months/years down the track:cry:
    Madness is the gift that has been given to me!

    *Slaps Ollie, Beffy and Mouse with The Creators lifeless carcuss.....then ties up Morgan lander and forces him to listen to ****ty pop music for hours..bwahaha

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    C&C Renagade great game.

    One complaint i have with it theres lots of single player bugs...
    one that if ya save infront of a gate witha tank the gate will not open. if ya get out of the tank and get near the gate walking
    your comp will random reboot... least it did for me..

    other then that they did a great job on the game besides the bugs...:)

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    i only had one bug with it that was easily fix by reloading. when i was escorting the girly through the nuke missile silo, she got shot off one of the platforms to a lower level then refused to move from that spot. multiplayer looks fun though, cant wait to try it this weekend at our LAN :D

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    my cool mammoth tank trapped on the rock...

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