I have these little slow downs/stops in the CMR3 when Im driving. Those only last a fraction of a second but very often after that fraction of a second stop I found my car either on the bottom of some ditch or slammed against a tree!

I think that game SHOULD run quite SMOOTHLY with my setup (see the sig) :rolleyes2

Lowering the graphics settings has no effect on those slow downs. I have played the game with Catalyst 3.5 and 3.8 drivers and I have installed the official patch/upgrade.

Can the operating system cause that problem? I have the Windows XP Professional but my friend has Win 98 and he dont have any problems at all with that game. My friend has a 1.4GHz Thunderbird, 256Mb of memory and Radeon 9700 Pro.

Any ideas how could I get rid of of those slow downs... :confused: :confused: