so i got this game the other day and all i have to say yes you can custumize your car but there are no clues in the game on how to unlock any of the extra parts and options. the grafix seem to be very decent although the demo ran better then the real thing for what ever reason. As far as the cars go basically the more the company donated or gave to EA the better stats the cars have. there was some interviews with the game designers and they were bragging how similar the car handelling will be to the real cars. at first i thought COOL lets see what is the crapiest car in the game and there i see my own car... a VW GTI mine is a 2000 so it looks identical. well any way i looked thought the list and the next car that was better was a honda civic, (ya ok) later in the list i see a Dodge Neon (new on is the SX2.0 this is the old dirty one with the rain getting into the trunk, the power stearing failures, easiest car on the market to break into all u need is a screw driver and 1min "theft prone", cranking out about 80hp in real life it seems to have about 5x the stats of my so called crappy GTI in the game, well my mostly stock gti at 180Hp 1.8T is sure to take a real beating in real life out of a neon same with a honda civic) besides the BS cars in the game it looks preatty good but compared to other NSF games this one isnt that great