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Thread: Had an idea for a cool mod!

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    Just thinking, Red Faction vs Half Life

    All RF and HL weapons, options, DM/ TDM/ CTF where RF vs HF..

    Also thinking perhaps in certain maps u could combine weapons like, half lifes knife and the stun gun off Red Faction turn it into like a sword of some sort with eletricity running though it, does like double damage when u hit someone slash and eletric jolt to there body.....

    Make the engine for RF and HL so if u only own 1 of the games u can still play it and so on...

    like with the rocket launcher u could combine that to make a new hybrid of rocket launcher!


    Make new maps to vs on for all the options i previously typed up top!

    and like both types have there avantages and disadvantages!

    Use both defences from both games, like the mordar out of HL and the Giant Guns, and in RF the Heavy Machine Gun in certain levels!!

    this imagine the technolgy and action in a game like that.....

    it would rule!:devil:
    TT Rocks and so does DBZ!

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    you make it
    i'll play it :D :p
    TT Original

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    Hmmmm... combining Half-Life and Red Faction... I think you'd get... Half-Life with modern graphics! Oh wait, that's called Red Faction.

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