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stalker engine does look badass from the trailers. but i doubt it even comes close to the depth of HL2 engine.
far cry also looks cool, and is pretty much perfect for a huge war game. the maps are... well, almost TOO big? :D
The X-Ray engine (which S: OL) uses does everything that the Source engine does, albeit some things like the facial animation isn't in there. It also runs better than the Source engine, with 60 fps on midrange hardware. Not sure if this is with some details down, or possibly using the DX8 settings. The engine is also capable of handling maps bigger than Far Cry's. In fact, the game environment is entirely free-roaming. Go anywhere, do anything...there's over 30 square kilometers of space knit seamlessly together, with virtually no loading...think Halo, but not as frequent, and much bigger areas.

Far Cry, however, does look very impressive. I don't think it's getting the attention it deserves.