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Thread: Silent Hill 3 chokes even a 9800Pro please read this.

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    I've just installed this by the looks of it very promising game.
    It has gigantic textures. (aprox 5Gb full install from 5 cd's)

    Heres the thing, atm I play it with the res 1280x1024 32Bit.
    But one can also choose at which res the rendering should be done.
    And heres what happens with all the settings maxed:

    Rendering resolution: 1024x1024 - average 35 fps

    Rendering resolution: 2048x1024 - average 25-30 fps

    Rendering resolution: 2048x2048 - average 15 fps

    At the biggest one, 2048x2048 the game runs to slow to play, I've tryed around with different settings and found out that if I exceed 2048x1024 the game starts to lag.

    Also tryed the screen res at 1600x1200 etc but still found that above 2048x1024 of rendering the system chokes.

    System used is in my sig with all latest drivers for everything. Shouldn't this Radeon manage to render it at highest resolution possible..? It's not like it looks bad at 2048x1024 but ya know.. hehehe The game has amazing graphics. :)

    Any ideas on this or has the vpu just reached it's limit with those bad ass textures..:?:

    (fps meassured with Fraps 2.0)

    Edit: Could it be that my 128Mb of vram doesn't fit them properly?

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    Fixed now, I read that AA & AF could cause problems with the game if enabled from the Catalyst driver. I set it to app preference and the fps went up again, even at 2048x2048 :)

    Any horror lover should check out this game, it looks absolutly amazing!!

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    I heard that it's good, but not as good as Silent Hill 2...

    ...demo? I'd like to see how my computer handles it.
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