ok let me start out by saying i have no idea where to post this thread, so im posting it here, where it will probably be most quickly seen, and relocated to where it should be. sorry for any inconvenience....now....that being said, i got final fantasy xi for pc for christmas, and i put disk one in, and nothing happens. i try to run setup.exe from the drive i have th disk in. the run program goes not responding and when i close it, windows restarts. not my whole computer, just windows. but the wierd thing is, it runs fine on my dads older crappier computer, and my computer WILL read disk 4, which is the expansion. i have no idea what the deal is. ive returned the game for another one and ive got the same problem. im guessing it might be my drive? i tried to run it off my cd-rw drive and that didnt work either...im just totally stumped. thanks guys