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Thread: Super gaming chair

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    Machin.Shop Manufacturing Inc. is introducing the Gamedeck, an integrated, ergonomic videogaming station, whose patent-pending design bridges the gap between office furniture products currently available and the demands of the fastgrowing videogaming market. With the introduction of the Gamedeck, Machin.Shop is dedicated to advancing the PC gaming experience and aims to support the emerging gaming center market. The Gamedeck’s features come together to provide total immersion, with little distraction derived from lack of comfort, improper seated position or lengthy set-up procedures. The Gamedeck stations will be available in February 2004.

    Machin.Shop website


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    Tsk, tsk, tsk...when will people stop making stupid ideas like this? People aren't stupid (for the most part), and most know that you can get something just as effective for less money. Not only that, but it won't make you look like a dumbass while using it.

    What will they think of next? A claw controller? Oh...wait, they already have that...
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    I actually kinda like that thing, although it looks way to big for my little apartment

    I'll never buy one, but I still think it's a cool idea, even if it's not too practicle. Looks more like something you would see at an arcade.

    here's one from the same people, more designed for home use imo:
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