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Thread: A q about Cache in games

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    Listen dudes
    another q :P
    in games like ut2k3 and AAO
    when theres the Cachesizemegas or something in the ut2k3.ini
    or aao.ini
    then to how much shall i set it ?
    some pplz told me its considerable to the v card
    other told me its considerable to the vram

    i got 512 ddr
    and r9500p

    advices and tweaks any1?

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    While it won't give huge framerate increases, it will cause your framerate to be somewhat more consistent.

    I'd say a good number to use is half of your memory, so 256 is perfect for you.
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    I've found out that it's System RAM, and the best size is typically your RAM minus around 200MB (for system overhead). So in your case try a value between 256 to 300.

    This doesn't increase FPS by the way, it only smooths out gameplay with less loading stutters/pauses.

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