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Thread: dudes, prob , help plz

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    k listen
    in ut2k3 - unreal tournament 2003
    im like playing it works good n stuff
    SUDDENLY major pc lags
    it just works so slowly and its like loadin textured
    i dunno how to explain
    any ideas ?

    my pc :
    asus a7v333
    amd ath xp 1900+

    soon gettin new epox mobo that will support my agp x8 aswell as my new fan :p

    oh and my pc temp is currently 60 C - can it affect my gameplay experience ??

    tnx ahead soz 4 the noobnessness :P

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    After reading through that a few times, I THINK I've got the gist of the problem.

    There are many factors that can lead to the problems you state. The most common ones are the presence of "Fast Find" which is installed by default with Microsoft Office 97. This application has been known to cause huge performance hits and even Microsoft recommends you disable it.

    If you don't have this installed, then check your virus protection software. Many will set up a scan schedule when you install the program and this will slow the system to a crawl. In this case, I generally tell my AV software to not automatically scan my system... I'll handle that chore manually.

    Another common cause if you're using a Win9x OS could be the length of time since your last reformat/install of Windows. The old 9x kernel gets corrupted regularly and just needs a fresh start.

    Finally, download a spyware utility and see if there is something hiding behind the scenes taking advantage of your resources.

    If none of these answers helps you out, then you might go ahead and post your system specs so we can see if there is something hardware related. I kinda doubt it, but it isn't something to just throw out either.
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    In addition to what Darthtanion said, obviously read the UT2003 tweak guide, make sure you don't have a virus scanner or anything else running in the background, cool down your PC, and make sure you optimize your virtual memory and windows cache settings as detailed in my WinXP tweak guide.

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