GRAPHICS CHIP FIRM ATI has now got back to the INQUIRER after we wrote a story earlier this week about whether coupons for the delayed Half Life 2 game were still bundled with its products.

Readers had reported that Gigabyte and PowerColor no longer seemed to offer the coupons - which can be redeemed when the game comes out.

ATI confirmed in a statement: "There has been some confusion surrounding ATI's Half-Life 2 bundle program for its add-in-board partners and we would like to take a moment to clarify.

"When the program began in October ATI included the Half-Life 2 bundle automatically and without charge with all RADEON 9800 and RADEON 9600 series products sold to its board partners.

"Beginning in December board partners had the option of purchasing the bundle from ATI for a small fee with all RADEON 9800 and RADEON 9600 series products except the RADEON 9800 XT which continued to include the bundle without charge".

This means that if you want to buy an ATI card and the Half Life 2 coupons, it's as well to check whether a particular vendor has taken up the December offer.

What it means to those people who bought, for example, Gigabyte cards believing Half Life 2 was bundled remains unclear. We'd suggest that you contact the reseller you bought the goods from for clarification.

- the Inquirer