Popular Q3 mod Urban Terror is set to move to the Enemy Territory engine over the coming months.

From http://planetquake3.net/article.php?...=0&thold=0

Basically this mean Urban Terror will become a FREE stand-alone game. Urban Terror will not be a mod for Enemy Territory, but use it's game engine, which is a beefed-up Quake3 engine. Oswald the project manager said this:

"We are porting what we have in Urban Terror for Quake 3 over to Enemy Territory. It will be FREE and it will be STAND ALONE. So those people who complained of legit keys or not being able to find Quake 3, rejoice, you will be able to play"

"Once Urban Terror is ported, it too, will be a free, stand alone game. I do not believe we will consider it a mod any longer."

http://urbanterror.net <-- Official site
http://ausurt.net <-- Aus Urban Terror