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Thread: BF1942 Server settings

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    I was looking through the list of console commands for Bf and had some questions for anyone that knows.

    My friends and I played serval racing games where we race with jeeps and other viehicles in the game.
    Could somone please tell me how to lower gravity. There seems to be a command or way to change this with most game engines such as unreal and the Quake engines.
    sv_gravity 99999999 ;)

    Also I found how to set FF damage ratios but how do I set it so that no damage can be taken from hostile fire.

    This is all on a lan and no I am not looking for a way to cheat online.

    Thx guys.


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    afaik there is no way to do either. I've never been on any BF1942 server that had low gravity or reduced hostile damage, and I've played on a LOT of servers (public and private). I've even run dedicated servers (although it's been a while) and I've never seen any way to do either.
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