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Thread: does any1 play runescape?? (merged thread)

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    So what, it'll be a board with one admin, 50 moderators and no users? :)

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    I play runescape!!!

    Account Name: Exodus

    He is level 75 (or something close)

    He mines, smiths, fishes, prays, mages, ranges, and kinda pk's

    3 Full Runes with Rune kite

    5 r2h

    3 r battle

    1 santa

    1 party

    Bunch of Lobbie certs, swordies, and mith ores

    2 rune long

    Lots of runes (Chaos, Cosmic, Death, and Law)

    Fire staff, water staff, air staff, and earth staff

    Full Black with black Kite and Black medium and Black mace(i Think??)

    and lots of random stuff (Yeah, rrreeeaaallllllyyy random stuff(LIke Bronze daggers, and bones)


    n00b account- gascanxx

    So, i do play runescape :devil:

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    Mar 2004


    IT IS REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Cant wait till Runescape 2 comes out for non-member.........

    Sad thing is:

    I lost Exodus's password

    I got pked with black armour, lots of runes(he Mage), an air staff, and mith long!!!

    i am not rich, i broke!!!

    my other account (which is level 42) Got scammed, he had a syth, full rune, and runite 2h when he was scammed.......

    That's it...

    Its really bad isnt it...

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