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Thread: halo what the?

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    damn if people wasn't on each side of the globe it'll end up in something like the chainsaw massacre slaughter..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSN
    man.....what the f#@k did you just say?
    Don't worry, you just need a Smacktard to English translator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    Don't worry, you just need a Smacktard to English translator.
    Don't worry, I'm on it. I happen to have such a translation dictionary on-hand.

    why r we comparing games it only breaks up the IT crowd and gets people banned from fine sites like these
    "Why do we happen to be comparing two different software titles used for entertainment purposes? It will only cause dissension among our ranks and when arguments reach a peak, said arguing individuals are banned for their foolish actions."

    what we need is a breakthru in game involvement i mean i think mech warrior had it good with using almost all the keyboard which was more action to me than any fps and there was the ability too customize your mech
    "I propose that there be a breakthrough concerning the options available to players within software titles used for entertainment purposes. For instance, the software title Mech Warrior was an innovator of its genre in that it used nearly all keyboard controls available to it. The level of excitement and violence was also greater than what is seen in any other first-person shooter title, in my opinion. In addition, the player was also granted the option of changing certain predetermined aspects of their mechanical warrior, leading to additional replay value."

    now the one game i am looking forward too is matrix full city all rooms accessable hacking aloud but you have to cuver your tracks or therell be agents its already in btea and im gana get it when the beta is released
    "There is one specific software title used for entertainment purposes which I am looking forward to - The Matrix Online. A complete urban area is available to be roamed freely by the players. Said urban environment shall also be littered with conveniently placed computer terminals which will allow the player to illegally change certain features of the urban dwelling. However, the player may end up being apprehended by the mysterious and deadly Agents, so one must be sure not to allow himself to betray any evidence as to his activities. The aforementioned piece of entertainment software is already in its beta phase of development. I plan to hurriedly retrieve a copy of the beta version of the title as soon as it is released for the public to use."


    ...And yet, even with that, I still have yet to understand what the point was. Translation dictionaries can only do so much, I suppose.
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    must have taken a awhile, thanks
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    lol go the yoda pic
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