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Thread: Wolfenstein ET

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    Default Wolfenstein ET

    I seem to have run into a bit of a router problem (maybee) that has had quite a few people stumped for a while. Ive run searches all over the place on this, hunted manually, and trial & errored till my brains melt with no resolve. In an attempt to get the rare correct solution to come forward, ill try to make my post as complete as possible, and hope to all things moce that someone will know enough about this game and networking to help me solve it.

    I ran a dedicated server for a long time, all worked well, and i had bashed my way through all the hell of the initial settings and the shrubET mod. Recently i purchased a Linksys BEFSR81 V3 and set my network up. All settings are correct, WAN requests of any kind are not blocked, ports 27950-27969 have been opened. I run win2kpro, with an athlon xp, an AOpen GeForce Ti 4200, and a soundblaster audigy, all on an AT7-max2 mobo from abit.

    I run the game from an exe with the targer appended to:
    "E:\ET Serv\ET.exe" +set dedicated 2 +set pureserver 0 +set com_hunkmegs 120 +pb_sv_enable +exec server.cfg +set net_port 27960

    ------My server.cfg:----------
    // set dedicated "2"
    // set net_ip ""
    // set net_port "27960"


    seta sv_master1 ""
    seta sv_master2 ""
    seta sv_master3 ""
    seta sv_master4 ""
    seta sv_master5 ""
    seta sv_master6 ""


    set sv_maxclients "24"
    set g_password ""
    set sv_privateclients "4"
    set sv_privatepassword "xxxx"
    set rconpassword "xxxx"
    set refereePassword "xxxx"

    set sv_maxRate "13000"
    set sv_dl_maxRate "42000"
    set sv_wwwDownload "0"
    set sv_wwwBaseURL ""
    set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0"
    set sv_wwwFallbackURL ""

    // MOTD ETC

    set sv_hostname "^7<}^9MOCE^7{>"
    set server_motd0 "^7Welcome to our retreat"
    set server_motd1 "^9Administer to yourselvs"
    set server_motd2 "^7lest we need to with rage"
    set server_motd3 "^9For any help, requests,"
    set server_motd4 "^7bribes, or complaints"
    set server_motd5 "^7<}^9ADMINS^7{>"


    set g_soldierchargetime "6000"
    set g_ltchargetime "6000"
    set g_engineerchargetime "6000"
    set g_medicchargetime "6000"
    set g_covertopschargetime "6000"
    set g_gravity "650"
    set g_heavyWeaponRestriction "100"
    set g_antilag "1"
    set g_altStopwatchMode "0"
    set g_autofireteams "0"
    set g_complaintlimit "6"
    set g_ipcomplaintlimit "6"
    set g_fastres "0"
    set g_friendlyFire "1"
    //set g_gametype "4"
    set g_minGameClients "8"
    set g_maxlives "0"
    set g_alliedmaxlives "0"
    set g_axismaxlives "0"
    set g_teamforcebalance "1"
    set g_noTeamSwitching "0"
    set g_voiceChatsAllowed "4"
    set g_doWarmup "0"
    set g_warmup "30"
    set g_spectatorInactivity "0"
    set g_mapconfigs "mapconfigs"
    set sv_floodProtect "0"
    set sv_allowDownload "1"
    set sv_pure "0"
    set sv_minping "0"
    set sv_maxping "0"
    set match_latejoin "1"
    set match_minplayers "4"
    set match_mutespecs "0"
    set match_readypercent "50"
    set match_timeoutcount "0"
    set match_warmupDamage "1"
    set team_maxplayers "0"
    set team_nocontrols "1"
    set pmove_fixed "0"
    set pmove_msec "8"


    set g_lms_teamForceBalance "1"
    set g_lms_roundlimit "3"
    set g_lms_matchlimit "2"
    set g_lms_currentMatch "0"
    set g_lms_lockTeams "0"
    set g_lms_followTeamOnly "1"

    // VOTING

    set g_allowVote "1"
    set vote_limit "5"
    set vote_percent "50"
    set vote_allow_comp "1"
    set vote_allow_gametype "1"
    set vote_allow_kick "1"
    set vote_allow_map "1"
    set vote_allow_matchreset "1"
    set vote_allow_mutespecs "1"
    set vote_allow_nextmap "1"
    set vote_allow_pub "1"
    set vote_allow_referee "0"
    set vote_allow_shuffleteams "1"
    set vote_allow_swapteams "1"
    set vote_allow_friendlyfire "1"
    set vote_allow_timelimit "0"
    set vote_allow_warmupdamage "1"
    set vote_allow_antilag "1"
    set vote_allow_balancedteams "1"
    set vote_allow_muting "1"



    // LOGGING

    set g_log "etserver.log"
    set g_logsync 0
    set logfile 0


    exec campaigncycle.cfg


    //set com_watchdog 10
    set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg"


    now when i run the game exactly like this, the ip that it auto designates for itself ends up being a LAN ip (ie: obviously this isnt going to work for a dedicated WAN server, so the next obviouse step would be to force the server into using a WAN ip by appending the command +set net_ip, however when i try this i get an error message in my server console at startup. The server log with the error reads:

    ET 2.56 win-x86 Sep 5 2003
    ----- FS_Startup -----
    Current search path:
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\pak1.pk3 (10 files)
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\pak0.pk3 (3725 files)
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\MOCEDEF.pk3 (2 files)

    3737 files in pk3 files
    execing default.cfg
    couldn't exec language.cfg
    execing profiles/}Nephalem{/etconfig.cfg
    couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
    Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok
    ...detecting CPU, found AMD w/ 3DNow!
    Bypassing CD checks
    --- Common Initialization Complete ---
    Winsock Initialized
    Opening IP socket:
    WARNING: Couldn't allocate IP port
    Working directory: E:\ETSERV~1
    PunkBuster Server: pb_sv_SsNext = 1 (0 to 999999)
    PunkBuster Server: pb_sv_LogNext = 189 (1 to 999999)
    PunkBuster Server: 0 Power Players loaded from E:\ETSERV~1\pb\pbpower.dat
    PunkBuster Server: 0 PB Rcon Filters loaded from E:\ETSERV~1\pb\pbrcon.dat
    PunkBuster Server: 0 Map lines loaded from E:\ETSERV~1\pb\pbsvmaps.cfg
    PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.103 | A1336 C1.110) Enabled
    execing server.cfg
    execing campaigncycle.cfg
    ------ Server Initialization ------
    Server: oasis
    Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok
    ----- FS_Startup -----
    Current search path:
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\pak1.pk3 (10 files)
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\pak0.pk3 (3725 files)
    E:\ETSERV~1\etmain\MOCEDEF.pk3 (2 files)

    7474 files in pk3 files
    ------- Game Initialization -------
    gamename: shrubet
    gamedate: Jan 11 2004
    ResetXP: 0 were saved.
    InitGame: \shrubbot\0\modversion\1.2-TEST13\voteFlags\0\g_balancedteams\0\g_bluelimboti me\30000\g_redlimbotime\30000\gamename\shrubet\g_c overtopschargetime\6000\g_medicchargetime\6000\g_e ngineerchargetime\6000\g_ltchargetime\6000\g_soldi erchargetime\6000\g_gametype\4\g_voteFlags\0\g_all iedmaxlives\0\g_axismaxlives\0\g_minGameClients\8\ g_needpass\0\sv_allowAnonymous\0\sv_privateClients \4\mapname\oasis\protocol\83\version\ET 2.56 win-x86 Sep 5 2003\g_heavyWeaponRestriction\100\g_antilag\1\g_ma xlives\0\g_friendlyFire\1\sv_floodProtect\0\sv_max Ping\0\sv_minPing\0\sv_maxRate\13000\sv_minguidage \0\sv_punkbuster\1\sv_hostname\<}MOCE{>\timelimit\ 30\sv_maxclients\24\g_maxGameClients\0\g_maxlivesR espawnPenalty\0
    Start of warmup.
    SBLoadConfig: Loaded 5 admins
    SBLoadConfig: Loaded 6 level templates
    SBLoadConfig: Loaded 0 bans
    Gametype changed, clearing session data.
    Enable spawning!
    Disable spawning!
    0 teams with 0 entities
    PunkBuster Server: 0 Aliases Written to E:\ETSERV~1\pb\pbalias.dat
    PunkBuster Server: 0 Stat Records Written to E:\ETSERV~1\pb\pbstat.dat
    Setting MOTD...
    Skill 0: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 1: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 2: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 3: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 4: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 5: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    Skill 6: 20 50 90 140 | 0
    broadcast: print "Server: g_gravity changed to 800\n"
    broadcast: print "Server: g_balancedteams changed to 1\n"
    Setting Allied autospawn to Old City
    Setting Axis autospawn to Old City
    Warning: setstate called and no entities found
    couldn't exec mapconfigs/default.cfg
    execing mapconfigs/oasis.cfg
    broadcast: print "Server: g_gravity changed to 650\n"
    Resolving resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to
    Resolving resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to
    Resolving resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to
    Resolving resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to
    Resolving resolved to
    Sending heartbeat to
    PunkBuster Server: Game Version [ET 2.56 win-x86 Sep 5 2003]
    PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v1.103 | A1336 C1.110) Enabled
    Hitch warning: 1045 msec frame time


    the thing that gets me is that if im reading that log correctly, my server is still making contact with the master servers, and so should be in the list, but no one can connect even using the ip.

    ANY advice at all would be GREATLY appreciated, and if anyone can actually solve this problem, they would truly be MOCE above all others.

    thx in advance.

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    Default Re: Wolfenstein ET

    Even its an old topic, answer is missing.

    Your problem isn't to set up ip.
    For an ETserver IP setting is totaly useless.

    start your server as usual, without ip specification.

    server should have now a local address.
    The only thing to do is to set up your router in order to it redirects port 27960 (UDP + TCP) to the local ip of your server.

    French Help for wolfenstein

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