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Thread: Half Life 2 Beta?????

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    Default Half Life 2 Beta?????

    Ok guys, heres the problem, i went to this site to read a review of the Geforce 6800 GT and to see its performance in games.And this site tested Half life 2 (beta)!.Now, how the hell did they get Half life 2 beta ??.It isnt even launched and i havent heard about any "beta" version of it comming out anytime soon...Whats the deal here??
    This is the site :

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    Default Re: Half Life 2 Beta?????

    You're a lot more ignorant on this game's development than you seem to think. Half-Life 2 comes out in twelve days, and the beta ended over a month ago. CS:S came out last month, and many sites had used the beta for that in the last few months. It's quite possible they were using the CS: Source beta instead as its the same engine so they may have labeled it "Half-Life 2." Also, the HL2 beta (or maybe more of an alpha... enver used it myself) source code was leaked several months ago, and I'm sure a clsoed beta for the game was launched a while ago.

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    Yes i am very aware of Half Life 2's progress, the game has been in production for the last 6 years now, iv been following the game for a whole year now.I do know that its scheduled for a world wide release on the 16th of this month.And i do know that the game code was hacked and hence the launch of the game was delayed from 5 th september to 16 of november.But the beta version isnt launched UNLESS, the people who hacked into the valve database ilegally distributed the game.And even if they have downloaded the hl2 "beta" version from steam then its still impossible because even if they downloaded the game and even paid for it, they WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PLAY IT TILL THE RELEASE DATE.The only playable version of the game was in the E3 press confrence for which people got to play hl2 for just 15 minutes.What i think what they ment by the hl2"beta" version was counter strike:source.Thats what i think.
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