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Thread: Bored anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthetic

    yea i know what thats like..i get bored of games real quick these days...did you ever play max payne?? its pretty short. but SWEET:D might play it again if i can drag myself away from the forums/msn lol:laugh:
    Yeah, Max Payne was really good... I finished it in the first two difficulty levels, bored of it now though :(.

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    1 thing i didnt like about it tho. was those maze levels....i dont wanna follow a trail of blood around... i wanna shoot ppl... wtf? i didnt download it off the net for free...erm.... Pay my hard earned money -cough- to walk around mazes...:D :shoot2:
    Madness is the gift that has been given to me!

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    actually my little bro bought the game and did not like the 20 FPS he was getting with he TNT2 vid card.. hehehe so i grabed it from him and well.. finished that one too.. really sucks there is no multiplayer .. hehe imagine... everyone going into bullet time every 2 seconds... LOL would make for long Death Matches.. ehhehe
    Lately i have been playing tribes2.. but that is about it.. don't have the linux version so i am hardly playing it.. (/me does not like to "reboot" into windows.. kinda feel like i am punishing my puter for something)

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