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Thread: Doom 3 Fps Rates

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    Default Doom 3 Fps Rates

    Hi i was just wondering wat kind of FPS rates people were getting on doom 3 ive been getting around 20 - 30 fps with ultra setting but no aa or af but still it is actualy a bit high for my system i wuld have thought or maybe it is about right oh well i can compare it with everyone elses nad have a look lol heres my system spec
    3200+ mhz athlon xp @ 2200 mhz
    512mb ddr400 ram (single channel mode)
    asus GeForce fx5700 256mb using the Nvidia 61.76 drivers
    asus a7n8x-e deluxe motherboard
    120 gig samsung 7200 rpm hdd.

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    Default Re: Doom 3 Fps Rates

    Take your settings from Ultra to High. You will still get very good visuals but it will be better suited for the memory uoi have installed on your video board. The Ultra setting is designed for video boards with 512MB onboard memory while the High settings are for those with 256MB (like yours). Even using a Sapphire brand X800XT PE I use the High settings.

    As to my frame rates, look at a recent review of a pair of motherboards where Doom 3 was used as a benchmark.
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    Default Re: Doom 3 Fps Rates

    Well the resolution your running at is one of the most important things, but....

    I generally run it (well, no I don't run it at all anymore, but when mods or games based on the engine come out...) at [email protected] quality with 2XAA and some AF and get an average FPS of somewhere between 30 and 45. For the most part I don't have any performance problems even in places where the action gets high and the FPS drop.

    Pentium 4 2.0A
    768MB of PC2100 RAM
    POS Intel mobo
    128MB Sapphire 9800 [email protected]/385 or higher with 4.11 Catalysts, Catalyst Control Center, and Catalyst AI on Low
    A hell of a lot of tweaks and ten running processes other than Doom 3's
    I'd agree with Darth and say go down to High. Loading times will improve, FPS will improve drastically, and you can probably up other setting that will help more. IF you were to upgrade anything, that video card would be the next step.

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