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Thread: Favorite Online Game?

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    Default Favorite Online Game?

    What is everyones favorite java or flash game?

    Mine is Sonic Mario Bash on

    That game is sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?

    Mine is virtual lap dance hehe

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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?


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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?

    Well the Half-Life/Quake 2 engine is pretty antiquated, but I wouldn't compare it to flash games... I'm hoping you jsut misunderstood the question.

    The Yetisports games used to be a favorite of mine, but I try not to waste to much time with flash games. Seems like a waste of a 9800 Pro, especially when I have a good ten or twenty retail (e.g. comes on a CD for $5-$60) games that I still play...

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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?

    flash games are a waste of bandwidth ;)

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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?

    there was a port of Lemmings done in DHTML that i was addicted to. but the site took it down due to licensing restrictions and a cease and desist order..

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    Default Re: Favorite Online Game?

    If you would please, take a few moments to check out and test an
    online game I'm putting up called Legend of the Green Dragon. I'd
    like a few players to give the game a quick run-through or two, to
    beta-test it for errors before I advertise it to the public. During
    the beta-test period you have unlimited turns. Just click on "New
    Day" when you run out of turns.

    The game is based off the old Legend of the Red Dragon door game,
    which some of you may recall. Gameplay is simple, and easy to learn,
    yet easily becomes quite addictive.

    It's a completely free browser-based role-playing-game, with no pop-up
    ads or anything like that. I'm footing the bill for the bandwidth to
    try and put something fun out there for the public.

    I did not develop this game, however, I am customizing it.
    Suggestions and feedback are both welcome and encouraged.

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