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Thread: A way to move a computer?

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    don't take the bus...

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    Whats this friends thing other gamers talk about?

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    Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthtanion
    Read the first post. I think he's implying he has no friends...

    As for the bus, I wouldn't take it unless:

    1. You have a very good way of transporting it all at once (obviously you can't make multiple trips). A really big, padded box might work.
    2. You are either traveling 50 feet or less to and from the bus stop, own a firearm, or are experienced and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. I live in the suburban midwest, and if I were walking around with a computer I'd expect someone to try to mug me.

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    is it dangerous to leave the videocard on the slot while transporting?
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    Not unless you have a huge/heavy aftermarket GPU cooler, other than that there should be absolutly no problems with leaving it in the Slot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilsGT2
    I have a good one, I want to get to my friends house, and I don't have a car. It's too far to walk, to far to bike, but I can take the bus. I have a box, an LCD moniter, keyboard and mouse. I don't have a backpack to hold them all, but I want to secure them as to keep them away from the shady people on the bus. What do I do?
    If you must take the bus, beat the hell out of the box before you put anything in it. Seal any holes you create with duct tape and trash bag pieces, and line the inside with newspaper. Generally, make it look like you salvaged it from a dumpster and made a half-hearted attempt to repair it. Next, find an old jacket and jeans and cake'em with mud, add a few tears, etc. Put on the outfit, load your gear in the box and get on the bus. I don't know anyone, even some of the worst muggers, that'll steal a "bum's" box o' stuff
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